Software Downloads

INW includes Windows®-based software with many of our Smart Sensors and dataloggers. The latest versions of these programs are available for immediate download below:


Control Software

Description: Aqua4Plus Version 1.9.6
Download version 1.9.6 (9MB)
Download Aqua4Plus Getting Started Guide (100KB)
Download Aqua4Plus Instruction Manual (1.8MB)


Older and Special Versions

(contact INW, if you have questions)

Description: Aqua4Plus Version 1.9.603
Download version 1.9.603 (9MB)

Description: Aqua4Plus Version 1.9.4
Download version 1.9.4 (5.3MB)





Data Upload & Automatic Polling Utility

Download Version 2.1.531 (3MB)
Note: If you have Sensor Maps created with version 2.1.525 or earlier, you must recreate those maps to use version 2.1.531. If you do not want to recreate the maps, INW recommends using version 2.1.525, below.

Download Version 2.1.525 (3MB)

Download Aqua4Push Software Manual (800KB)

Control Software for DL2 Dataloggers

For computers running Windows prior to Windows 7
Download (499KB)

For computers running Windows 7
Download (750KB)

Terrasys 3.0

Control software for DL1, DL4, and DL8 dataloggers
Download (139KB)

USB/RS485 Driver Software

Drivers and installation instructions for INW’s USB/RS485 Communicatioin Cable
Download (4MB)