Software Downloads

INW includes Windows®-based software with many of our Smart Sensors and dataloggers. The latest versions of these programs are available for immediate download below:

Aqua4Plus Lite

Easy-to-Use Control Software

Description: Aqua4Plus Lite Version 2.1.1
Download version 2.1.1 (9MB)
Download Aqua4Plus Lite Getting Started Guide
Download Aqua4Plus Lite Instruction Manual


Comprehensive Control Software

Description: Aqua4Plus Version 1.9.7
Download version 1.9.7 (9MB)
Download Aqua4Plus Getting Started Guide
Download Aqua4Plus Instruction Manual


Older and Special Versions

(contact INW, if you have questions)

Description: Aqua4Plus Version 1.9.6
Download version 1.9.6 (9MB)

USB/RS485 Driver Software

Drivers and installation instructions for INW’s USB/RS485 Communicatioin Cable
Download (4MB)

Control Software for DL2 Dataloggers

For computers running Windows prior to Windows 7
Download (499KB)

For computers running Windows 7
Download (750KB)

Terrasys 3.0

Control software for DL1, DL4, and DL8 dataloggers
Download (139KB)