Automate your data collection, analysis, archiving, and alarming with WaveData VZCOM. Built on the powerful RPM module, this super low-power unit is perfect for remote data collection, eliminating the need for frequent costly site visits. Intelligent serial ports and built-in datalogger connect easily with a variety of powerful, state-of-the-art monitoring sensors. View and manage your data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.


  • Super low power – in the microamp range – to allow for measuring and recording of sensor networks on site
  • Switchable modem wake-up-and-send features on user scheduling
  • Intelligent charging circuit for sealed lead acid or lithium batteries
  • Intelligent serial ports for interfacing to INW Smart Sensors
  • Built-in datalogging
  • Server-/web-based software interface
  • E-Mail and SMS alerts