Communication Kits

  • Connect via USB or serial port (depending on model)
  • Includes Aqua4Plus control software
  • 5V output available

These kits are designed for you to directly connect AquiStar® Smart Sensors to your laptop or desktop computer. Communicating via adapters or adapter-cable combinations, they provide plug-and-play connectivity.

To add efficiency in the field, these kits include Aqua4Plus control software—with features for viewing sensor status, monitoring real-time data, creating flexible and powerful test sequences, and more.


  • Can connect to nearly all INW Smart Sensors
  • Available as individual adapters/cables or as complete kits
  • Standard kits:
    • USB/RS485 adapter/cable with software
    • USB/RS485 adapter/cable (5V output) with software
    • USB/Serial adapter with RS232/RS485 adapter, communication cable, and software
    • RS232/RS485 adapter, communication cable, and software
  • Comes with Aqua4Plus software