The Future of Data

Timing and accuracy are critical when monitoring water resources. How quickly can you analyze your data and make the right decision? INW’s technology is designed to make your data work for you—with convenient integration, efficient systems and versatile software.

When so much is at stake, you need information fast. What if readings from multiple sensors were combined into one data stream? What if you instantly knew about any anomaly or trend happening on-site? With our technology, making informed decisions is easy.

Real-time Insights

Visualize information as it arrives. Be the first to understand upcoming risk factors and developing patterns.

Designed for Efficiency and Convenience

Our technology collects data from multiple sensors. With all your data automatically pushed to a single web server, it’s easy to keep track of.

INW Sensors Are Dataloggers

50% of our sensors come with datalogging built-in. All engineered for at least 25,000 data points, they collect data even if your modem signal is down.

Monitoring and Control Software

INW software provides continuous monitoring from remote locations. It includes both tabular and graphic data displays, flexible programming, and easy field integration.