Sample Projects


River Monitoring of a Fish Habitat

Project scope included:

  • Multiple level and temperature sensors
  • Regular auto-polling via radio from nearby control shed
  • Automatic uploading of data to the Internet
  • Making data accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection through a password-protected system


Monitoring of Runoff at a Construction Site

Project scope included:

  • Automatic collection of data from a variety of sensors
  • Modem-based control of datalogger and data upload
  • Automated email warnings for specific thresholds
  • Activate alarm light and shutoff valves when certain thresholds are crossed

Custom Pump Control Panel

Capabilities include:

  • Control over multiple pumps
  • Obtaining samples from several wells at one control location


Aquifer Study

Project scope included:

  • Combining several pressure and temperature sensors
  • Setting up a computer to control operations from a nearby control shed
  • Capacity to control operations and upload data by connecting to the control shed from anywhere

Additional Custom Projects

INW projects have also included the custom development of programming for groundwater monitoring, programs to integrate Campbell loggers with INW analog sensors, and programs to integrate Campbell loggers with Aquistar® Smart Sensors.